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The unimaginable suffering Jesus endured to offer forgiveness of sin to all mankind is the single greatest belief I hold as precious above all else in life.  I sit here searching my heart to find words that might be able to express how I feel about what my Lord went through so I would not have to suffer for my own sin.  The price he paid for my salvation is what the scripture calls ‘the pearl of great price’.  Jesus love for me melts away all my guilt, shame, remorse, and dread of the future.  His precious blood that He willing shed for my sake makes me weep with sorrow and joy all at the same time.  What kind of love is this?  So selfless.  So full of mercy. So fully pure.  So perfect.  What can one say to a love so completely willing to give all for the sake of this unworthy one I am?  To believe in His complete love for me is the hardest and the easiest thing I have ever done.  Faced with the possibility of eternity without Him causes me an unbearable pain so fierce, to even try to imagine it is utterly tormenting to my heart, mind, soul, & spirit that it makes me feel like it’s almost impossible to breath.  The Holy Ghost lives in me so fully I can scarcely believe I could ever be more alive than I am in Jesus.  But someday I will be given immortality.  He promised me He is coming back to take me home to be with Him forever.  He promised.  I know Jesus will keep His promises to me~ ‘He is faithful to complete that which He has begun in me’~

Passover always causes me to feel overwhelmed with indescribable sorrow and absolute joy unspeakable.  Desperate sorrow for how horribly He had to suffer and die to set me free from my debt of sin against God and provide for my restoration to wholeness.  Joy for how He rose from the dead unto eternal life thereby ‘giving me all things that pertain to life and godliness’ in this life and the everlasting life to come.  Jesus has given me eternal life as a “Free gift of God”, if I will only believe in Him.

Why?  Because God loves me.  He couldn’t and wouldn’t allow me to be separated from Him forever.  So He took my place.  Jesus was the escape goat.  The ransom paid for the sin of all mankind for all time.  Jesus willingly gave himself in love to redeem fallen mankind.  ‘There’s no greater love than a man lay down his life for His friend’.  If you haven’t repented for your sin and ask Jesus to cover you with His blood.  I am compelled to inquire.  Why not?  I implore you.  Please ask Him to forgive you and save your soul.  He will.  He promises.

~’Praying always in The Holy Ghost’ The Father will draw you to Him.

The Keeper of the blue light  of hope in Christ Jesus

Rose Marie Garrett


The kiss of blasphemy and death


~strange ungodly ceremonies defile worship of The One True Lord God Almighty~ The Great I am~

News that matters

The Pope kiss a container with the dried blood of Naples’ patron saint Januarius during a ceremony during a visit to the southern Italian city.

The Pope kiss the container with blood of a mortal man, and claim this to be holiness. The Pope kiss the container with blood of a mortal man, and claim this to be holiness.

Archbishop of Naples Crescenzio Sepe showed the glass vial to the congregation in the city’s cathedral and declared: “The blood has half liquified, which shows that Saint Januarius loves our pope and Naples.”

Francis, known for his plain speaking, quipped that he and his fellow visitors to the city’s cathedral had failed to win the saint’s full affection.

The &quot;holy blood&quot; is kept in a Eucharistic kind of golden container. The “holy blood” is kept in a Eucharistic kind of golden container.

“The bishop just announced that the blood half-liquified. We can see the saint only half loves us.” “We must all spread the word, so that he loves us more!” he added.

Each year thousands of Roman Catholic faithful…

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saved by the blood of Jesus

~My comments are about a YouTube video: “Islam and Christianity” I watched of aso called ‘symposium” held this year in the middle east~ It is incredible~

Rose Garrett1 second ago

I think this whole video is filled with ludicrous “ideology” aka “theorizing”: “Ideas” are derived from a human mental function aka “understanding” or “meaning” or “definition”, and is even believed to be what “man” does with our minds. Humans think or have the mental faculty to “reason”: therefore, “theology” (could also be called “theorizing”) or the study of the Devine, is limited by “ideas” generated in the human minds’ capacity to find understanding or to use ones’ imagination. There’s a well known quote: “if I can imagine it I can create it”, which asserts that humans have “one quality” that is truly Devine~ the power to create. Personally, all I heard and saw in this so called symposium about ‘Islam and Christianity’ is ‘simply arrogant men expressing their individual “ideas” or “theorizing” that they know (or think they know) who God, Allah, Jesus, & The Spirit is or isn’t~ or for that matter, what is the “verifiable truth” about any one of these so called deities based on the “idea” that it can be proven by their own books (only translated words), or by human intellect, or even by one’s own divine revelation.

Thus, my take away is they are all appearing to be fools presuming that any human, including themselves, can define, explain, or prove or disprove who God is or is not~ neither can they presume to know what God can or cannot do in any context, as He being all He is in His divinity. Interesting sidebar, no one in the video mentions, that I heard, anything about the “soul of man” or “heart of man” or “the spirit of man” or “consciousness” or the almost universal belief that “God is love” which only atheist disbelieve that “God is love” or so they say since there is no God.

As for me, in my heart, soul, consciousness and finally, my “mind”, God is unfathomable: humans’ limited mental faculties cannot fully grasp who God is but can only speculate and argue about who God truly is or is not.  Consequently, my “hope” is in this one thing, Jesus said: “only believe” and I do believe. What you may ask do I believe. Simply this, I believe “there is only one true and living God and beside Him there is no other”~ “God is His word”, and “His word was made flesh and dwelt among us as the only begotten son of God full of grace and truth”~ furthermore, “it pleased The Father that the fullness of the God Head dwelt in the person of Jesus Christ bodily”~ I believe God is indefinable, limitless, eternal, all knowing, all powerful, holy, and that “all creation declares His glory” ~ “Great is the mystery of Godliness” ~ In this belief I rejoice all ways in His perfection and sovereignty~ Thanking God in all things by Jesus Christ~



JESUS Fanatics


~not a sport buff~ but definitely ‘more than a fan’ ~ Jesus is my only hero~ He is the Hero of this world~ He is the only one true living God of all~ bless His name forevermore~

Be The Difference

I was thinking. I am a huge AZ Cardinals fan and I see friends who are as well. We will represent our teams with jerseys and proud to be fan shirts.

Can I ask you a question. How come we don’t see people representing JESUS all the time. Wearing I Love JESUS shirts or jerseys. Or proud to be his disciple shirts?

We don’t necessarily need shirts or hats but I was just thinking it might make a difference when we’re out shopping or hanging out at a family function. A cool shirt, a hat or something could be a conversation starter.

I’m not saying something cleverly designed to look like a shirt everyone else would wear with some subliminal message of Jesus woven cleverly into its design. I’m talking something blatant and bold so people don’t confuse you with just wearing a new shirt design fit to match everyone…

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Years, Months, Even Weeks


Be The Difference

A Word: Looking back on just the past couple of years or months, even weeks. It’s not about what we have achieved or what we have seen it’s about our relationship with Jesus and our faithfulness in him. While looking back have you grown in Christ and touched lives for his kingdom or have you taken a few steps back. With this is mind lets look forward to to the coming years months and even weeks, and see what we can do to improve from our past. Where will we be this time next year or next month or next week. Will we have moved to another level in Christ, will we have touched many new lives for his kingdom, will we grow as a bride together for Him and in Him, seeking first His kingdom? I Love You All. And I pray, we as a bride of Christ grow…

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